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Noel Scott: News


Noel Scott Entertainment offers multi-track recording in Noel's home studio. The professional mics and 32 track recorder is the equipment he uses for his own CDs. The rate of $20 per hour (minimum 4 hours) also applies to mixng and mastering, allowing groups who are just getting started to afford audio product.


Noel is an experienced recording engineer. He's recorded string sections, horn sections, pianos and kb's, B 3, accoustic and electric guitars, and solo and ensemble vocals.


Check out the "Hear Music" page to hear the quality of his work. Everything was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Noel.

CDs Now Available at the Nelson Gallery! - June 28, 2011

The Scott/Warner Energized and Mosaic CDs are now available at the prestigious Nelson-Adkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, MO.


The gift shop features select local jazz artists' CDs as part of their merchandise.

JAZZED UP CD Released - December 22, 2007

The most recent CD features contempory treatments of some familiar soft rock and jazz tunes. It also showcases three collaborative original compositions by Noel and Don.

ON this CD , Noel plays Soprano sax on seven of the ten tracks and Alto on the remaining. Overdubs and sequencing allow the duo to once again enloarge the sound.

The CD is getting very favorable comments from listeners,. It is presently available at their live performances, however you may email Noel if you wish to purchase CD's to be shipped directly to you. Click on "Contact".

Click on "Music" to hear some of the tracks.

Noel Scott and Don War ner Filmed For PBS! - March 8, 2007

Thursday, March 8, during their performance at EBT, Noel and Don were filmed for a PBS documentary on Kansas City Jazz. The piece is funded, in par,t by the National Endowment for the Arts and will be telecast nationally.

The film crew captured about two sets of material and have been visiting a number of Kansas City jazz spots.

Ed Fenner, well known jazz supporter and auther of K.C. Jazz Notes, accompanied the film makers.

Garrett Gardmer sat in with vocals during the filming. Garrett was the singer for the Tony DiPardo Orchestra for many years.

The production schedule is presently unknown by Noel, but be watching for it to run on your local PBS tv station.

"Now And Then" CD Now Available! - December 22, 2006

The most recent recording of The Noel Scott / Don Warner Jazz Duo became available on December 21. It is in response to a number of requests to produce a duet album and includes some of the most requested tunes from their live appearances.

Some of the selections, however, also include drummer Mike Thompson. Mike has recorded with Noel on several occassions, and these cuts were recorded in 2005 during the making of "Mosaic". Also with the duo, on Girl Fom Ipanema, is guest vocalist Char. She has appeared on all but one of Noel's other CDs and does a great job on this cut as well. Don Warner's ability to play multiple instruments is show-cased on the CD by over-dubs to the recording. As usual, Noel recorded, mixed, and mastered the CD with his studio equipment.

Listen to samples of some cuts from this hewly released CD on the "Hear Music" tab!

At present, it is only available at live performances, but you may contact Noel by email or phone if you'd like to have a copy shipped to you.

Chicago Radio Stations Add Scott to Playlist - May 30, 2006

Two Chicago based internet radio stations are adding cuts from Noel Scott’s CDs to their play-lists. IMIXRADIO which plays a mix of Blues, Jazz, and Rock has added "Watermelon Man" (The Noel Scott Quartet CD), "Harlem Nocturne (Energized! CD), and "Wave" (Mosaic CD). COOLSWEETTUNES specializes in music that includes independent artists of various genres. "So Danco Samba" (TheNoel Scott Quartet CD) and "Take Five" (Energized! CD) are in the rotation. There is a lot of acoustic music here that is very listenable. You may link to these stations from Scott's Links on his website.

Noel says, “I’m thrilled to be included on these stations. The internet is, in many ways, the future of the music industry. Both of these Chicago stations are on the cutting edge. They provide a wonderful service to the public by including the work of independent artists. The selection of material is not solely based on record sales (the major selection criteria of corporate radio-Editor), but seems to rely on the merit of the performance and composition. As such, while there is not rejection of commercial work, there IS inclusion of work which is NOT yet commercially accepted. One has only to look at the Grateful Dead who had one of the biggest and most loyal fan bases ever to see the power of working outside the ‘industry’. (Editor’s Note: The Grateful Dead allowed fans to freely record concerts and to distribute their recordings without royalties to the band. Like today this was a time when record companies strictly controlled recordings and performance copyrights. Working outside the corporate channels led to a huge underground following that continues to this day. The band’s concerts brought them huge commercial success."Dead Heads" still collect the concert recordings)

These stations fill the void left by those which narrow-cast only one music style. In my live performances, I’ve seen an increase in people (especially under 40) who have a wide knowledge and appreciation of all types of music. Their needs will be met without having to continually flip from place to place.”

WAVEvand HARLEM NOCTURNE from the "Energized!" CD and PUTTIN' ON THE RITZ from the "Mosaic" CD are the first adds. Other selections are under consideration for future airplay.

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